AQUAvalve - How It Works
Internationally Patented Automatic Plant Feeder

Completely Redesigned And Improved Model
The AQUAvalve is the very same valve used in the AutoPots and Smartgardens. The AQUAvalve is capable of sub irrigating a suitable tray with up to four large plants in 10" containers, or six smaller plants in 5" containers. Each AQUAvalve is fed by a 1/4" connection to a low pressure (up to 8 psi) water or nutrient solution source. Since they can operate at extremely low pressure, a simple gravity feed reservoir can be used as a supply by making sure it is raised just slightly above the AQUAvalve(s). The higher the reservoir is situated above the AQUAvalve(s), the longer the 1/4" feed lines can be and the more AQUAvalve you can supply.

The AquaValve's method of operation resembles that of an ebb & flow system by employing a simple flood and drain principle but without the need to return depleted solution back to the reservoir. This simplifies nutrient solution management and opens up hundreds of new uses for this proven technique. By first flooding the tray to a depth of 1" with water or nutrient solution. It then "waits" for your plants to consume the solution before re-flooding the tray with a fresh charge. In this fashion, the AQUAvalve automatically cycles plants through a complete wet/dry cycle that simulates the cycle of natural rainfall without the problems of pumps, timers and nutrient solution management. Refer to the diagrams below for a detailed illustration of its operation.

FILL MODE 1: When the AQUAvalve is first installed and connected to a reservoir or low pressure water supply, the inner float rests on the bottom of the tray allowing the inner valve (inside orange circle) to begin filling.

FILL MODE 2: As the water level in the tray rises, the inner float continues to rise on bouyancy caused by trapped air. Note how its movement begins to close the gap between the rubber stopper and the inner valve. As the tray floods, the growing medium in your containers begins to saturate which displaces the Oxygen depleted air thats normally trapped in the root zone.

FILL MODE 3: As the level continues to rise, the outer float also begins to rise which opens the outer valve, (inside orange circle) to release air trapped inside the inner float chamber.

FILL COMPLETE: Once the level reaches one inch deep inside the tray, the inner valve is now completely closed (inside orange circle) which stops the flow of solution into the tray.

DRAIN MODE 1: As plants continue to feed, the level drops and so does the outer float thus sealing the outer valve and trapping the solution inside the inner float chamber which keeps its valve closed and sealed.

DRAIN MODE 2: As the level in the tray continues to fall, both valves remain sealed as plants continue to consume the solution.

DRAIN MODE 3: At this point the moisture level in the growing medium is reduced which draws fresh Oxygen back into the growing medium to recharge roots. When the solution in the tray is consumed and before the moisture level in the medium falls any further, solution trapped inside the inner float chamber is released from the bottom which causes the inner float to drop and the inner valve to reopen which begins the fill cycle all over again. back to FILL MODE 1

Authentic replacement AQUAvalve fits all Autpot self watering producs or use with your own garden design to automatically provide plants with water and food on demand.